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sdz street race. tonight the victim is critically injured and police hunting for the driver who ran him down. good evening. thanks for joining us on this christmas eve. >> this is a tragic holiday for a vallejo map and family. he's fighting for his life tonight after being hit by a car. it happened at broadway at hogan avenue next to highway 37. abc 7 news reporter allen live near the scene tonight with late details on the developing story. allen? >>reporter: the police are still looking for the suspect or suspects involved in this tonight. we are told the victim was air-lifted to john muir hospital in walnut creek in grave condition and that was at last check. this was a high
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impact hit-and-run with a debris field scattered across broadway street here in north vallejo. police believe the man was struck and knocked about 50 feet by either one or 2 vehicles that were drag racing down the northbound lanes of broadway around 5:30 this evening. detectives label about 50 paces of evidence many of them were the personal effects belonging to the unidentified victim. the rest were parts of the vehicle or vehicles involved. police say the cars are known to speed up and down this part of broadway street. >> something that our traffic unit has been keenly aware of as well as the uniformed police officers who attempt to come out here whenever possible. obviously whenever we do traffic enforcement or dui enforcement this is a particular area we always focus on. >>reporter: police were paying a lot of attention to what may have been some serial numbers on a few car parts left behind but they aren't giving out the description of the vehicle just yet. clerk at nearby gas
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station told me the male victim stops by frequently was in the store and told him that he would be right back. minutes later they heard the crash and realized that he had been hit. again that unidentified man is listed in grave condition tonight and police are still looking for the suspect or suspects on this christmas eve. >> what a shame. thanks very much. >> even as crew continue to clean up from the last storm, over the weekend another soaking is in the wing promising to bring us a wet christmas. spencer is here for sandhya tracking it on live doppler 7hd. >> let's track it together. we have dry conditions right now but just to our north offshore we have rain faul off the northern coast. it's moving generally in our direction that's our rain for tomorrow. here's satellite radar composite image of the ocean cold front. nearly 400 miles off the sonoma county coast line right now but as it gets closer we see rain developing
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tomorrow morning. first up in the north bay and move slowly south ward down into the remainder of the bay area. wet afternoon and evening for christmas day and i'll show you what is to follow a little bit later in the complete accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> okay spencer thanks very much. see you in a bit sky new at 11:00. utility crew in east palo alto spending their christmas eve night closely watching a leaky levee. it's on a curve of san francisco creek. last night the levee wasn't high or strong enough and 7 homes were evacuated as a result. creek needs better levee and also needs to be expanded. construction will begin next year thanks to taxpayers passing a 38 million dollar measure to address the creek problems. >> authorities in nevada county have still not identified a snowboard whor was killed in an avalanche at donner ski ranch. avalanche happened at 9:30 this morning just before noon. sheriff's deputy were alerted that snowboarder had not returned from a run. search rescue crews combed the entire mountain. >> his friends the other
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friends that were going to be in our group were looking for him and poking around but didn't find him and he was at the bottom of the cliff. >>reporter: man was found under several feet of snow. he's described as a 50-year-old man from the truckee area but again has not been publicly identified. in the mean time member of the alpine meadow ski patrol in critical condition after caught in avalanche this morning. slide was triggered when another member of the patrol detonated an explosive charge. team members dug patroller out of the snow in 8 minutes time. well, a remarkable exhibition of skill and courage pluck a man off a nearly submerged truck in livermore. happened last nature near the del value regional park and got stuck. water rose to the vehicle roof. man was stranded truck in danger of being swept away so call made to the chp helicopter crew. >> he approached the vehicle. we set the left skid here
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actually on top of that vehicle and it was then that we noticed even more so how unstable the vehicle was because it kept rocking in the flowing water. >>reporter: with the skid holding down the truck, pretty impressive bit of flying there. he managed to pull the man in the chopper. he was treated for hypothermia but other than that is okay. new at 11:00. south west is down playing it but passengers tell us something definitely happened on a night from phoenix to oakland tonight. fire crew and pair immediate writing called for a potential hydraulic failure aboard flight 10 33 just before 8. passengers say a flight attendant announced they should be grateful for the pilot skill in landing but did not say specifically why. but everyone certainly kuwait relieved. >> all right. christmas shopping season is ending tonight in a final whirlwind of sales and spending. abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco, jon you have been out with the last minute santa how is it going? >>reporter: well, the streets are still crowded here but the stores closed for a couple of
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hours. you will still see people with tote bag of goods going around. every year last minute shoppers go careening into christmas morning trying to get gifts but this year some retailers may not be making us much money as expected. time tight with only minutes left before the shopping center here closed at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> it has been okay so far. trying to get through different stores. this is my last stop for the night so i'm all set. >>reporter: the rae ward as stores slashed prices to lure in last minute shoppers. >> sometimes you find just what you want. half price or something. 50% off. always save a buck these times. >>reporter: at stores close their doors and lock up for christmas eve the group that track holiday spending were lowering the sales expectation for the shopping season. >> for the kids you do as much as you can. you know what i mean. >>reporter: why is that. >> well times are tough. >>reporter: aaron was picking up a pair of giants shirts and
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paying with cichlt i stay conservative. i don't do any too much reckless spending. >>reporter: even at the last minute. >> even at the last minute. >>reporter: okay. >>reporter: you can swear in san francisco was packed tonight shoppers quite proud that they did not have to pay full price. >> i'm not desperate. great prices. looking behind us. macy having great deals. for example you can get work clothes. kashmir sweater 50% off that's a great deal. >>reporter: enjoying christmas eve in san francisco was enough to attract this couple who came here from singapore. >> really happening. i think it's going to be fun. in fact we won't sleep tonight we are going to hang out. >>reporter: it's happening. they just got in here today. first christmas eve in san francisco. few street vendor still out trying to get the claws into the really desperate shoppers and then stores will reopen again on wednesday morning. in san francisco, john, abc 7 news. >> all right it's jungle
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throughout john thanks vichlt if you still need to pick up a gift or 2 all is not lost. even at this late hour. if you are creative. airport gift shops convenient stores many which sell gift cards many starbucks cafe open and movie theaters will also have gift cards as well. pharmacy, too. so be sure to call first to make sure they are open. good luck to you. >> coming up next. tiger attack on the fifth anniversary of the san francisco zoo mauling terrifying moments when he came face to face with a tiger on a rampage. also. this mammouth christmas light display, 66,000 reasons neighbors want it to just go away. >> live doppler 7 hd tracking the next storm. spencer up next to show you when the rain is going to hit your area. all that is coming up then later on "nightline". >> hello thanks. come up on "nightline". do you believe in heaven? meet the brain surge on close brush with death convinced him the after life is very real.
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holiday classic a christmas holiday classic a christmas story. that's right
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>> on christmas day tomorrow it will be 5 years since deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo. tattiana a 320 pound siberian killed 1 person and injured 2 others after escaping from the tiger grotto. i was on the air with vick lee that evening. he was the first reporter on the scene. and tonight he talks with the father of the victim and with the officer who shot and killed tattiana. >>reporter: even if death it's hard to miss at that time yan graces the front entrance of the zoo. her home the tiger grotto still here. but it now has glasson closure and electric fence and signs that warn spectator not to taunt the tigers. although never proved investigators believe tattiana was provoked into leaping and clawing her way out of the grotto. killing 17-year-old carlos sues a junior and mauling his friends paul and
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colbert. >> every christmas i have a mass in honor of him at church and as long as good wants me always that way. >>reporter: carlos says it has been a tough 5 years since he lost his son. ♪ still can't believe. >>reporter: carlos junior school mates proud this dvd tribute to his young life. sues a finds some solace saying that something positive did come out of this tragedy. the zoo has raised the walls 10 and a half feet higher after an investigation found the grotto walls were lower than federal safety recommendations. >> it's safe now. people at the zoo are more comfortable now. a lot of things changed after he died. >> a lot did change. he settled the wrongful death lawsuit with the zoo for undisclosed amount. the brothers settled their suit for
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a reported 900,000 dollars. through the years they have had several run-ins with the law. in july paul died at the age of 24. we were unable to find out the cause of death nor were we successful in contacting his brother colbert. chris was one of the officers who shot and killed the tiger. he later received a medal of valor. >> i have never personally seen a tiger maul a human in my lif life. that's something i will never forget. >>reporter: he an his partner among the first to respond to the radio call. they saw paramedic by the tiger pit working on suisse a then they rushed to the another call. second victim was outside the terrace cafe. >> he was in seated position. bleeding profusely tiger sitting at his feet. guarding him. just sitting there. >>reporter: he and his partner came out of the car yelling. screaming. trying to divert the tiger away from one of the
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brothers. tattiana suddenly veered toward them. when she was about 20 yards away he decided to fire his handgun. first shot struck at that time i don't know a in the chest. but she kept coming. >> i hit the other side of the chest. flinches now starting to pick up speed. coming faster. shoots tiger in the face i see the tiger flinch head down and still coming. >>reporter: he said tattiana was now 5 feet away. the officer jumped in his car but window was wide open. >> tiger starts trying to pull itself up again trying to get to me through the window. >>reporter: the partner fired the fatal shot that stopped tattiana. >> very sad for carlos suisse a and his family. very sad for tattiana. and i hope this is a situation that we can all learn from. and move forward. >>reporter: veteran tiger trainer chris says the lesson is that tigers can never really be tamed. even though tattiana never lived in the wild sheree
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responded instinctively to eliminate a threat to her territory. many wondered if the zoo would ever adopt another syberian tiger. to the delight of many, it did. this is martha. 11-year-old syberian who arrived last year from a zoo in nebraska. she's now become one of the most popular attractions. vick lee, 7 news. what a night that was. if you want to see the entire interview with officer chris it's on our web site. >> well lefty restaurant in san francisco has collected about 6000 toys in last minute toy drive. they plan to keep collecting them until 2:00 a.m. , too. they are well below the goal of 15,000 but lefty spokesman says it is going very, very well this christmas eve. donations can be dropped off curb side at lefty at 3 33 geary street at union square. >> mid nature mass has begun at san francisco grace cathedral. service began at 11:00 o'clock.
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it is one of the most popular christmas eve masses in the bay area. choir of men and boys will perform before what is expected to be a full house. really beautiful service. >> all right well spencer is in for sandy tonight and looks like i'm going to be skating on my new roller skate. >> with umbrella. skating in the rainy like. that that's what we are going to be doing. here's a look at our live camera shot from our high definition no. we go right over here. live doppler 7hd right here. showing no ran in the bay area at the moment. we have got some moisture offshor offshore. especially up north off the north coast rainfall coming in our direction that brings us a wet christmas day. temperature readings already dropping into the chilly range. low 40's much of the bay area down to 39 at napa. it's cold up in the north bay valley. these are our forecast feature turning cloudy overnight rainy breezy christmas day. showers
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on wednesday and couple wet days coming our wait a minute look what's happening overnigh overnight. see low dropping down to about 38 at napa. 37 at santa rosa and fairfield and livermore 39 at concord upper 30's mid upper 30's in many inland valley locations in the east bay and north bay. now the satellite radar composite image shows approaching cold front bring us the clouds and here already and the rainfall for tomorrow so start our forecast animation 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point most of the bay area will not yet be receiving rainfall but well to the north up in mend seen 0county rain by 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see rain pushing down through the north bay through marin county to the golden gate. by 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon more wide spread more concentrated rainfall pockets of moderate to heavy rain will be covering much of the bay area by that time tomorrow and certainly 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon it's a wet and messy christmas day all across the bay area. again some pockets of heavy rain. front sweeps through tomorrow night behind the front on wednesday we get few shower showers. tapering off to isolated showers by late
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afternoon or early evening. by 7:00 o'clock wednesday evening we are looking at rainfall total much of the bay area just over an inch perhaps up to inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains anywhere from 3/10s to 6/10s of an inch in the south bay. in the sierra there is snow. winter storm watch in effect from tomorrow afternoon to wednesday evening we expect 4 to 8 inches of new snow above 4000 feet. 8 to escape inches above 5000 feet. chain control and travel delay are likely. back to the bay area tomorrow. we expect again rainfall developing in the north bay first so that means temperatures held down there to rather cool range mainly highs now. upper freeways right around 50 for much of the north bay tomorrow. 7 rainfall later so warm-up a little bit more in parts of the peninsula, south bay east bay and high pressure there in the low mid 50's and even farther south where the rain is even later to arrive near monterey bay high in the mid upper 50's. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so rainy tomorrow
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with some periods of heavy rain at times. so very wet christmas day. showers on wednesday wet weather continues. thursday we start drying out. thursday friday partly cloudy. relatively please apartment day. slight chance of showers again on saturday then partly cloudy and dry on sunday and sunny mainly sunny on monday which will be new year's eve. so got a little bit of active weather coming our way for a couple days. things settle did you know midweek. >> start another year. >> that's right. >> larry enjoying a few days off for the holiday with his family. rick is here. >> sure to be in bed by the time santa comes. wants me to fill owe me larry. night before christmas 49ers and raid versus a long wish list for san francisco it starts with having healthy wide receivers as mario healthy wide receivers as mario goes down.
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>> getting blown out by seattle was bad enough but now espn reporting wide receiver mario manage hamm will be out for the
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rest of the season. he was injured while being tackled on this play in the third quarter. it lacked bad and it was. as he tore a pair of ligament in the left knee. he made the spectacular catch last season super bowl second on the team in receptions with 42. raiders starting quarterback palmer is also done for the year after suffering cracked ribs and bruised lung against carry lane a.palmer got hurt late in the first quarter after rolling out he gets crushed by greg hardy who did get flagged on the play for roughing. coach allen not yet decided who will start on sunday at san diego. liner most of the snap in relief yesterday but most raider fans want to see what pryor can do. >> i think he's still a work in progress as far as that's concerned. he's worked extremely hard in practice. i don't know that he has full command of everything that we are doing but i wouldn't expect a lot different out of any other young quarterback. so make a decision at the end of the week which way we want to go.
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>>reporter: next tuesday rose bowl stopping the run will be the key to victory. both teams feature great running back. badgers have ball who host ncaa record for most touch down scored and taylor cardinal all time leading rusher. combined they piled up more than into00 yards on the ground. most for pair of running back in rose bowl history. >> if i was just a fan with nothing on this game i would about plop down and be ready to watch probably one of the best running back match newspaper college football in a long time. 2 guys complete running back. 2 guy that is you want on your team. this is going to be fun to wendy burch both the guys get after it. >> we now say goodbye to the hawaii bowl. smu dominated fresno state. former texas quarterback gilbert gets lasts and takes it 17 yards for touch down. he was 22 nothing at the half. derek car the younger brother of former no. 1 draft pick david car had 2 interceptions return for touch downs. taylor reid brings this
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back 69 yards. mustang also sack car 7 times. smu cruises 43 to continue. abc 7 sports was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. couple years ago the hawaii bowl was actually played on christmas and big fate broke out we call it a melee call meek. >> spencer would enjoy that. >> i love tonight bowl signs under way. >> yes. long bowl season. >> 200 bowl games. >> coming up next. best christmas gift perhaps that boy could get. we have the story could get. we have the story stay
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>> here's a look at the wake up weather tomorrow morning christmas day early in the morning we expect skies to be cloudy. rain started already after parts of the north bay cloudy cool rain approaching north bay sunrise 7:23 and temperatures on the chilly side tomorrow. it's going to be a
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winter christmas day. dan. >> thanks very much. >> before we go look what's buzz thanksgiving christmas ev eve. child faces it all. on sunday before the arizona cardinal football game linebacker sam ocho gave a fan his gloves. young man couldn't contain himself and ran and told his mom. simple gesture ensure he will never forget the hotel day. look how thrilled he is. best christmas gift ever. nice. >> well, you probably heard of this is dna tests to learn more about your an says industry now one for your cat. it use as tna sample from the cat to determine if the pet parents or grandparents are from one of a certain cat breed. >> 65,000 lights at this house and neighbors say they can't sleep and they want to limit the number of lights. homeowner put the display up in memory of her late husband. neighbors think it's a bit muc much. >> s that's all for the moment.
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for all of us here thanks so
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. . . . . . tonight on night line. proof of heaven? a doctor who is convinced that heaven is reel after his own brush with death. "a christmas story" it's even on the broadway stage. where is ralphy now? did you get a fruitcake this year? at least your not in england. we struggle to unwrap the mystery of his homeland's most

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